23 Haziran 2012 Cumartesi

Alan Turing

Who is this man ? Do you know him ? I remember him from my lesson that he found the math problem aftyer 2. world war. He tahes some bread from market, There was a boy who is pinokyo, when pinokyo says lia words his nose is long but if he says true sentenses the nose would be short like old  one, His grandather and ather make him with some wood rom a tree, birds like him because he is a food for them Alan Turing gets him from some dessert in the middle of Arabia. You cant drive any car on the sand because the wheels cant go and they stay down, its stopping like that. Dont talk come on my dear. Take them is it breakast come on girl all the mouth, Serpil has been without work , you are without face, Bilge women turns back home, say ather, Where is he, he is on his room, İs criminal me ? wake up now, Halis why dont you go to work office.

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